Welcome to our "Developer's Guide", a treasure trove tailored for software companies and developers who seek insights into our company culture, best practices, and technological prowess. Join us on this journey of discovery as we unwrap how we work, manage our schedules, and form a cohesive team.

At Lucky Media (opens in a new tab) we create game-changing digital solutions.


Set your compass straight with an overview of this enriching guide:

  • Roadmaps - Master the digital landscape with tutorials on frontend and backend technologies.
    • Frontend Roadmap
    • Backend Roadmap
    • Design Roadmap
  • Editor Configuration - Unleash the power of Visual Studio Code with essential configurations and extensions.
  • Version Control - Master the art and science of preserving your valuable code.
    • Git - Learn the secrets of git and command your repo like a pro.
    • GitHub - Discover how we use GitHub for peak collaboration and efficiency.
  • Frontend Technologies - Harness the potential of cutting-edge frontend tools.
    • Tailwind - Breathe new life into your designs with TailwindCSS and its plugins.
    • Alpine.js - Power up your projects with Alpine.js
    • React.js - Bring your ideas to life using React, featuring our custom Next.js Starter Kit.
  • Backend Technologies - Fortify your backend prowess with Laravel and its capabilities.
    • Laravel - Explore the intricacies of Laravel and elevate your backend projects.
  • Guides - Delve into detailed instructions for a smooth sailing experience.
    • Statamic - Seamlessly upgrade from Statamic v2 to v3 without breaking a sweat.
  • Debugging - Rule out errors by learning the art of effective debugging.
  • Testing Strategies - Enhance your app's reliability with our tried-and-tested methods.
  • Code Review Best Practices - Create high-quality code by learning the secret sauce of our review process.
  • Deployment Guidelines - Streamline your go-live process with our tips and tricks.
  • Company Culture - Find out what makes our company click, fostering unity, evaluating productivity, and organizing our working hours like clockwork.

This comprehensive guide is all set to provide immense value to developers and software companies looking to level up their game. We continue to explore, learn, and eagerly anticipate what's next!