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Mastering Pull Requests

Let's say you have an Orders feature to implement that takes care of the whole ordering process. It's not wise to cram all of it in one pull request (PR).

Solution: Divide it into bite-sized PRs.

Here's a step-by-step playbook on how to do this:


Examine the ticket requirements closely. Identify the core functionality awaiting implementation. This insight helps you spot the tasks to break down.


Deconstruct the ticket into smaller tasks you can tackle individually. Ponder on the various stages of the order process, like order placement, confirmation, and tracking. Dissect these stages further into mini-tasks.


Once you have your task lineup, arrange them based on importance or urgency. Contemplate factors like dependencies, sequence, and potential blockers that could hinder task completion.

Allocate Responsibility

Assign a specific individual or team to each mini-task. This way, everyone's clear about their role and can work autonomously without crossing paths.

Tackle the Tasks

Commence working on the tasks, adhering to the priority list. Promote collaboration and communication among teams to ensure everyone stays in the loop.

Test and Refine

Before ticking "done" on a task, scrutinize it to confirm it's functioning as intended. Refine and adjust until you achieve flawless results.

Proceed to the Next Task

With one task wrapped up, advance to the next, repeating the process until all mini-tasks are accomplished.


Transform your Orders feature into smaller, easily-digestible tasks and watch it unfold seamlessly. Prioritize, communicate, and fine-tune your way to task completion.