Laravel Development

Laravel, an open-source PHP web framework, is designed to make web application development a breeze. Known for its elegant syntax, powerful tools, and active community, it's no wonder we've contributed loads to the Laravel universe with various open-source solutions and pull requests. Here’s a lovely little thing Taylor Otwell – the creator of Laravel – said about us in a tweet (opens in a new tab)!

We adore sharing our smarts and expertise on our popular blog (opens in a new tab) frequented by 2-3 thousand visitors monthly. Expect detailed posts about challenges we've conquered and the innovative solutions we've uncovered.

Reactor for Laravel

For developers who rely on Laravel, scaffoldings and boilerplates can be crucial to your workflow. Enter Reactor, Lucky Media's package that brings advanced scaffolding and frontend tooling to your Laravel apps, slashing time spent on setting up base configurations.

While Laravel Breeze offers a minimal boilerplate, Reactor kicks it up a notch. Get ready for an advanced frontend setup, pre-configured ESLint and Prettier, automatic code formatting, linting with Husky hooks, and Laravel Pint-based GitHub Workflow. Reactor also boasts frontend components inspired by shadcn/ui, focusing on composability and customization.

Statamic CMS

Meet Statamic, the highly intuitive content management system (CMS), boasting speedy load times and version-controlled content. This user-friendly CMS excels with its super-fast loading speeds, customizable design blocks, and top-notch data protection.

We're giddy about building some of the best Statamic starter kits out there, empowering you to create your own website in mere minutes. Among our arsenal:

We utilize Statamic in most of our website development projects, where clients need an intuitive, user-friendly CMS that packs a punch.

Filament Admin Panel

Filament, a collection of tools for quickly building stunning TALL stack apps for humans, is another game changer. The TALL stack (TailwindCSS, Alpine.js, Livewire, and Laravel) is a tech lineup that full-stack Laravel developers use to create dynamic, maintainable applications pronto. Filament sports a top-notch community and a plethora of plugins for instant feature access, making your productivity sparkle.

For web application projects demanding complex functionalities, we happily turn to Filament as our go-to Admin Panel.