Statamic Releases

Statamic Starter Kit Releases Guide

Unveil the secrets of creating a new version/release for a Starter Kit. Let's use the Resume App as our shining example.

Glimpse into the Process

  • The resume project represents the live version of the Starter Kit.
  • The resumeapp project is used by developers. They make changes here and then publish/release those changes to the resume project.

Release Process

  1. Merge all changes with the main branch in resumeapp.
  2. Give the project a thorough check-up; make sure everything's spick and span.
  3. Hit npm run build.
  4. Got both resume and resumeapp repositories cloned? Perfect!
  5. Run this beauty: php please starter-kit:export ../resume. Watch as it exports build files from resumeapp to resume repository.
  6. Open the resume project to review the new changes. Discard any unnecessary files as needed.
  7. Pick a fancy version number, like 1.5, and forge a new branch in the resume project (e.g., git switch -c 1.5). Commit, push, and show off your shiny new branch.
  8. Create a Pull Request (PR) for the new branch (e.g., 1.5).
  9. Review the PR and address any feedback or issues.
  10. Merge that PR into the resume project's main branch.
  11. Get latest changes with a git pull in the main branch.
  12. Navigate to the Releases section, and click on "Draft new Release."
  13. Tag it (e.g., v1.5), lock down the Target to the newest commit, and title it with your version number (e.g., v1.5).
  14. Format the release description using the following template:
This release adds support for Statamic v4
### What's New
- Added LuckySEO for simple SEO Management
### What's Improved
- Updated dependencies
### What's Changed
- Removed old Antlers Config file
  1. Click "Publish Release" to finalize the new release.
  2. Voila! Your release is now live, kicking, and ready to rumble.