Version Control
PR Rules

Discover the five golden rules for creating sleek and manageable pull requests:

Laser-Focused Pull Requests

Aim for pull requests to zoom in on a specific set of features or fixes. This paves the way for easier reviews and reduces the odds of merge conflicts. Steer clear of formatting alterations, unrelated changes, and debugging code in pull requests. Ideally, a PR should feature no more than five (5) modified files.

Crisp and Coherent Descriptions

Illuminate the rationale behind your changes – why they matter and how you tested them. This helps reviewers grasp the context, making their task a breeze. Don't hesitate to include screenshots or links to related issues or documents.

Rigorous Testing

Before proposing a pull request, double-check that your code performs flawlessly and nails relevant tests. The more exhaustive your testing, the smoother it will be for reviewers to confirm your changes are spot-on.

Swift Feedback Response

Stay tuned to reviewer feedback and implement any requested adjustments posthaste. This keeps the review engine running and dials down frustration for all parties involved.

Synergy with Reviewers

See the review process as a teamwork opportunity, not a personal judgment. Embrace feedback and welcome suggestions, even if they're not always in tune with your thoughts. After all, our shared goal is to craft the finest possible code – and that's best achieved through collaboration.